Aerial hopes tape roll of 50 meters

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These 50m rolls of tape assure you of the complete intapes of your hope. On average, more than one hope can be added to it. The price/quality ratio is good and this kind of tape is sold the most. Thickness of the tape is 2,5cm or 5cm thick (black).

The Aerial hoops That Flexmonkey sells contains a special coating that has the grip increased. This does not require tape. Still, it may be that you want to tap into your hopes and to do so we offer this tape.

In the end, a hidden heap will become sticky and the tape will be able to show cracks due to the intensive use. Unfortunately, this is not to go against which tape you use.A tip if you're hoping to get sticky:Frictionwhat magnesium powder over to tape!

With this purchase you need only 1 roll and come out more advantageous.

How do you tape your aerial hopes? That's what you read Here.

Expected delivery time: 1 a 2 working days.