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The current situation entails many delays. That is why Flexmonkey now has a new collaboration with AGM poles, the well-known poles on which, among others, Ona K. dances. Delivery is faster than the other brands sold on this site.

Shipping: you can track the tracking within 5 working days. From that moment on, delivery will take approximately 15 working days (in total 20 to 25 working days). Do you want express shipping? This is possible for 90 euros more. The expected delivery time is then 5 to 8 working days. If desired, mail to

The displayed price includes shipping to the Netherlands. A small fee may be charged for other countries. You can check this during checkout.

This pole has a revolutionary quickspin system where you turn the pole from static to spinning with 1 hand, and vice versa. The pole has GECKOGRIP, a nickel-free coating that gives you a better grip. The choice is black or white, and in size from 40mm or 45mm. The 40mm is designed for use by max. 1 person. At the moment, a white pole can be requested by email. Delivery time is 40 working days. That is why only the option for black is shown here.

This dance pole is available in heights from 240cm to 320cm. You must indicate the desired height with your order. Measure the height between the floor and ceiling in advance at the exact location where the post will be placed. Pass this height on via 'remark'during check out.The post is made to measure and has a -1 to 4 cm margin to turn the post in and out.

The post is clamped between floor and ceiling. The surface must be flat and the ceiling must be sufficiently strong (eg no plasterboards, but concrete). At the ends of the pole is PAD, a rubber that protects against impacts and provides grip of the pole. This special rubber can also be used on eg parquet and does not leave stains. For extra delicate surfaces we recommend purchasing a PAD8. The pressure coming off the pole is about 350kg. Before purchasing, make sure that the surface can handle this pressure.

Do you want more height than 320cm? Then choose the PRO (this goes up to 420cm). The pole consists of 2 parts.

Do you have an ornamental ceiling or plasterboard? Then choose the HYVES polestages.

Price includes shipping to the Netherlands. For other countries, additional shipping costs are charged during check out.

* ordered posts are tailored to height, thickness and coating. As a result, a payment obligation of 30% applies in case of cancellation, refusal or return of the order.