One point Aerial hope set ALL INCLUSIVE

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Delivery time 2-3 working days. Everything you need to hang up your aerial hopes! You are in one time of your worries by ordering this complete set. The only thing that you have to have at home is a place to hang out the hopes.

The only thing that you need to have at home is a place to hang up the hope and the hook or bar that you're hoping to hang out with. The hope set will be provided including:

* 1 one points aerial hope (black, WLL 180kg) (or white 95cm, pink 95cm)

* 1 strop OR nylon sling of 0.50, 0.75 or 1.0 meter (WLL 2T) color: black or green. Choice can be passed on to comments during check-out. If no comment is left behind, it will add what is in stock

* 1 swivel (from 17-10-20 minimum 23nK)

* 2 carabiners (25nK car lock or screw gate)

* shipping costs within US

The standard, most commonly used size, is 95cm in diameter.This set goes out of rigging ('the way the aerial hope is hung up ') to 1 point where the hope is meandering in your movements.You hang out the hope as follows:e strop or sling is connected to the heap by means of a loop knot. On the other hand, there's a carabiner. This one will attach you to the swivel. On the other side of the swivel comes another carabiner and that carabiner attach you to the ceiling hook. You can also pin the noose around a bar by using the loop node. You confirm the swivel then at the bottom of the noose with a carabiner on either side. Below it's a lot of hope.

The various forms of rigging of a one point hope see you out on the pictures. The first three ways are possible with this SET.

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An aerial hope with one point is a hope with 1 eye to the hope. If you want an aerial hope with no point, or with two pointen points, you can also use flexMonkey. You can find these setsHere

So, what else do you have to arrange? This depends on where you're going to hang up hope. For example, a concrete hook and chemical anchor for in the ceiling.The hoops of firetoys are all equipped with a special coating for increased grip which makes tape not necessary.Do you wish anyway to tape for the aerial hope, this can always be ordered for you. You can also be creative with colors if you use tape.

The hope has been tested and have a safety certificate. Wish you a safety certificate delivered to the set, mail us at This is especially important for artists performing outside the Netherlands, where it can be a requirement for an event's insurance.

* Always consult a certified rigger before your self hangs up with an aerial hope.

*Delivery time if on stock 5 to 10 working days.

* Includes shipping costs within NL (for countries other than the Netherlands, approximately between 8.50 and 15th extra calculated)

* Safety certificate available on request (cost 5 euro)(ES) (EN 1492-2) (CE 0120, 362 :04B).

* For the aerial hoops money a payment obligation of 30% in case of cancellation or return of the order.

* Get option Dongen on request (no price difference).

* Supplied materials may cover color and finishdeviate from the photos. It shall always cover equivalent quality materials with equal standing.

* Inspection recommended for every use.