Flexmonkey Child-Flower-Flower (low)

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Delen Delen

Flexmonkey leggingshave been produced according to the high quality conditions of Flexmonkey. The Sportacious Flower print is asymmetrical. The one pipe isdeep black and the other pipe is the colorful Sportacious Flower print. The golden monkey on the back of the V-shape belt leaps out. The low waist and V-shape makes for a perfect apple bum. The model in the picture is 1m63cm and weighs 52 kilos.

Due to the use of elastan, the presentation is as cast. The wide band ensures that the fabric is connected to your body and does not cut. Ideal to play wonderfully and unconcerned. Suitable for a 'big booty' and squat-proof!

* Low waist

* V-shape

* Subtle Crunched Bum

* is small