FREE SPIRIT pole dance card designed by Flexmonkey polewear

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Delen Delen

This nice poledance postcard is A6 format and is a nice way to let you know that you are thinking of someone. Who's got a real free spirit? And who do you want to send you some extra support this time of year?

Especially at this time, when social support needs to be given at a distance, this ticket is fun as hell. To send and to get.

* send the card blank with the rest of your order

You can only order the card. We then send them free of charge (within Europe). For this, send an email with the address and the text for the addressee and we will do the rest.

The poledance gifts of Flexmonkey are always a surprise! How about a magnetic card, keychain, a pair of socks or a pole-and-line towel?

Delivery time: from 22 november 2 working days.