FREE paaldans card-COVID-19- #nietalleen designed by Flexmonkey polewear

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Now send a your best polebuddie, favo instructor or studio owner a little support in the back. Soon we'll be holding each other's hand again. Stay healthy, maintain distance and keep hope. This is where we're going through this. Tickets are now at the busier and are expected to be sent from Thursday or Friday.

ENGLISH: one card per person. Click 'checkout', fill our your email, as address (INVOICING) fill out the addressee name. Axis COMPANY please fill out you own. The address you fill in, is the address we put on the label. We sign the card with the name you fill in at 'company'.

* 1 card per person.Colors of the physical card districts a of the colors on the screen.

The checkout works a little different than you are used to, so note:

* fill you in Own email address.

* fill with the address the name of the other in. Please note that there is INVOICING address. So here's the address of the other one. The card will be sent to this address.

* when filling out the invoicing address you also have the option to fill out after the name, a company name. Please fill in COMPANY (optional) your own name in. This one is to be at the bottom of the map.

* no message can be added (the card says it already;)

* free map & shipping within Europe

TIP: Let the card take the most of your order and give it to yourself!


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