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The Gympole Active PRO is the mobile dance pole that can be screwed into the earth. With a hand drill you can easily make a hole in which the bottom part can be placed. In this you then turn the mobile dance pole. Do you have a gympole internship yet? Then you can just use that dance pole. But the Gympole Active can also be obtained as a complete package separately from the stage.

As standard, the pole comes with two parts with a total length of 3.06 meters. Higher than other internships! You can also choose a pole in one piece, in sizes 2.40, 2.60, 2.80 and 3.00 meters. At no extra cost. If you want this option with a 1-part pole, you must specify it under 'note to flexmonkey' at the bottom of the shopping basket, before clicking the buttonCheck out.

The Gympole Active PRO with a pole in 2 parts is easier to transport. The Gympole can be stored outside under a cover under a roof.

Prices are subject to the current transport tariff. After the order confirmation, you will be contacted about any additional costs.

The total weight is 20.5 kg of which the dance pole weighs 5 kg. The central part with the revolutionary one-click system can also be used on the Gymstage. you don't have to buy this part twice. You then have two mobile dance poles for the price of one and a half!

There are several sets available. Below you can see what which set contains.

    TheActive Pole PRO:

    • Ground Screw System
    • Oneclick System
    • pole out 23.06cm total

    The Superior Gympole stage EN the Active Pole in one set:

    • the complete GYmpole stage with dance pole from two parts
    • carrier bags and transport box on wheels
    • Ground Screw System
    • Oneclick System
    • pole from 2 sections of 3.06 metres
    • use as an internship and as an Active pole

    Questions? Feel free to contact us via The stages and poles are ordered and have a waiting list. Delivery time can therefore add up so order on time! Returns and service runs through Flexmonkey_polewear, Amsterdam. The price basically includes shipping. In a single case, additional costs arecalculating. This only happens when the delivery service has increased the shipping costs from the department store in the Czech Republic.

    Are you an entrepreneur? Then you can claim back 21% VAT from the tax.