GYMPOLE paaldanspodium * innovative technique *

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Gym pole paaldance stage innovative and durable. Why? Read Here!

So easy goes the stage from static to spinning, and back!

The gympole internship is designed by a technical engineer with years of experience and that brand you. Everywhere has been thought about, and the disadvantages of a paaldanspodium, such as instability and latched paalparts, have been minimized or even past tense.

The basis of this internship is only 9.6 cm high and 185 cm wide. The gympole stage has a wide dance range and the bottom has been designed so that it does not have to make up for it. The internship can also be used for duos.

The pole consists of two parts andare being put together by an innovative connection. The two parts close up deep in each other without exerting pressure on each other. This prevents damage and pinpoints of the paalparts.In addition, the stability and the carrying capacity increase.By using a leverage system that you can easily apply yourself, the parts are to be pulled apart. Due to the supplied bottom case on wheels, the stoves and placements of the internship are very easy.

The total height of the pole is 3.16m making it more room for air acrobatics.Due to the oneclick system the pole with 1 click to spin is set (see video). This can be done with a bit of creativity in dance and motion even during a performance by the dancer, included in the choreography.

The stage is more stable than ever and has no excellent soil parts. The gympole system is 100% safe and easy to use.

Gympole can get stashed out.

  • 45mm pole diameter
  • polished stainless steel for good grip
  • 3.165m total height
  • 9.6cm height of the bottom/stage
  • 184cm width of bottom at most wide point, 160cm at narrowest point measured
  • 44kg weight bottom case
  • 2x24kg weight from the bottom plates (2x a carrying bag with 3 bottom plates)
  • 17kg weight of the subframes
  • 13kg weight of the dance language

Prices are subject to the current rate of transport. After the order confirmationget in touch with youincluded on any additional costs.

Do you want to try the stage one time? You can do that! You can rent the internship for a day, before you decide to go to the buy. Upon request, we demonstrate the setup of the internship and you can create a test round in it.

Return and service runs through Flexmonkey_polewear, Amsterdam.