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Delen Delen

The Gympole Active is the mobile dance channel that can be screwed into the earth. With a hand drill, you can easily create a hole in which the bottom part can be placed. In this, you turn the mobile dance language. The pole has a length of 3.06 meters.

The set can be retrieved in Amsterdam and is rented out per day part from 5 hours a 180euro (excl. VAT and construction costs).There's gonna be 350,-e bail. Retrieve and return the set in Amsterdam. You can also choose to build up and complete service. For this, EUR 50 is counted excl. 36 cnt per kilometer. Please contact us beforehand at invo@flexmonkey.nl and we will answer all your questions.

The total weight is 20.5 kg of which the dance space weighs 5 kg. The central part with the revolutionary one-click system.

The Active Pole PRO consists of:

  • Soil Screw system
  • oneclick system
  • pole out 2Parts in a storage bag

    For the use of the gympole there should be a suitable substrate, such as grass, solid sand, little rock/pebbles on which the thread is damaged. When renting the Gympole Active, the customer is responsible for the use and for any damage arising out of use. Damage caused by transport, use, stalling, theft, etc, falls under the responsibility of the customer.

    Ask questions? Please feel free to contact info@flexmonkey.nl.

    Are you an entrepreneur? Then you can ask for 21% VAT back from the tax.