'Joyful Hummingbird' poledance skirt extra long by Flexmonkey polewear

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Delen Delen
Delivery time: about three weeks. This hummingbird pole skirt is handmade and is made to order. The skirt is also available in pink, petrol and black. In addition, there is a short variant, which just falls over the buttock.
The Hummingbird is the bringer of hope, love and happiness. The beautiful animalsymbolises the spread of your wings and to engage in personal development full of fun and playfulness. It is an independent kite, optimistic and free. It is precisely in this day and age that we can derive strength from this beautiful spiritual meaning.
The Flexmonkey Poledance skirt:
* elegant and graceful
* smooth material that moves beautifully
* wears high in the waist
* easy Velcro closure
* falls to the floor (length of 1.00-1.10m, wears on the waist)
Sizes (measuring point just below the navel):
XS 68 - 72 cm
S 72 - 78 cm
M 76 - 82 cm
L 80 - 86 cm
XL 84 - 90 cm
Do you want to wear the skirt lower, really on the hips? Then pass that size in the 'comments' field during check out.
The skirt is extra long and in most cases falls on the floor. This creates a great graceful effect during pole dancing.
Handmade items have a cut and stitching margin of 1.5 - 3 cm. There's no exchange for this. Damage to the product by cutting out the label or dust or stitching damage from the Velcro is the responsibility of the customer. If a handmade item has a Velcro closure, always keep it closed (if you are not wearing the skirt, during transport and during washing). This prevents tangling at the seams. Never wash handmade items in the washing machine but by hand. Don't iron. Photos taken by Michel van Geven.