G2 LUPIT POLE - extension 500mm (including dispatch)

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Throughout the Covid lock downs, delivery time is about 15–30 working days.Currently, the lockdowns, RIVM guidelines and sickness notices in delivery companies delay Lupit's shipping process allowing delivery to last up to 30 working days. The tracking is shared once the order is processedBUTis not live to follow until 15 WORK days.

In addition to dance posts, Lupit has developed convenient accessories, such as this extension. If you want to set up a portable dance pole and the distance between the floor and the ceiling is between 2800mm and 3300mm then this extension is all you need extra to Lupit dance pole set up at home.

The extension must be connected to the material and size of the Lupit dance pole you wish to extend with it. You have a choice of the 42mm Stainless Steel, the 45mm Stainless Steel (ST), the 42mm Chroom, the 45mm Chroom (CHR), and the 45mm Powder coated (PC). This extension is suitable for the new Lupit pole G2: the classic and the diamond performance. This is NOT suitable for internships and for older versions of the Lupit Classic. It takes other extensions.

Prices include shipping costs.