mini Swivel aerial sports

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Delen Delen

This swivel has an aluminum body which makes it extra light (48 grams) but very strong. With a total length of 63mm, it will hardly affect the distance from the heap of silk to the floor. It is unobtrusive what may be desirable during photo shoot or performance. It is also a handy format for traveling.The swivel can be used with or without the black insert.

A swivel is used in aerial sports so that the hoop, silks or hammock rotates with your movements. Without a swivel, hope eventually turns back in the other direction.

These swivels are ideal for aerial sports (26kN). Colors may differ from the photo shown. Inspection is recommended before each use. CE EN mark (CE1019 EN345).

Maintenance: clean with lukewarm water if necessary. Regularly lubricate with silicone spray or oil. Do not use again if rotation is stiff. Check regularly for signs of use.

Shipping: if in stock within two working days.