Round aerial swivel - small - aerial hope, silks and hammock

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Delen Delen

A swivel is used in the aerial sports so that the hope, silks, or hammock will be colluded with your movements. Without swivel, hope eventually turns back in the other direction.

These swivels are extremely suitable for aerial sports. Specifications BLL = 30kN. Material: aluminium Weight: 74 gr. Length: 7cm.

Colors can deviate from the photo shown. Inspection is recommended for each use. CE AND label. The swivel is suitable to put a carabiner through. Please note the dimensions.

Maintenance: Cleaning with lukewarm poor water if necessary. Regularly inserting with silicon spray or oil. Do not use again if rotational straw goes. Regularly check for user tracks.

Dispatch: if in stock within two working days. If you need to reorder it, it takes about 5-7 working days.