Sticky croptop PETROL by Paradise chick

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Delen Delen

This sticky crop top with long sleeve from Paradise chick are ideal. Cover the pole. Or as Dan Rosen would say: covered up polers!

Paradise chick has developed a fabric that gives extra grip. So you can just put the top in the pole so that your muscles retain optimal heat. Elbow grip, Teddy, Yogini, it's all possible with this top! Find a nice pair of shorts or leggings and shipping is free.

The XS crop top is the child size of Paradise chick. The smallest size for women is S.

IMPORTANT: Wash by hand with a non-aggressive detergent to keep the stickyness as long as possible. Washing in a machine causes quality loss. Never in the dryer. Don't sit on leather, fake leather, suede materials with the sticky fabric. The substance can give off on the material and Paradise chick does not take responsibility.

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