Kleverige leggings PETROL door Paradise chick

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These sticky leggings of Paradise chick are ideal. Covered the pole. Or as Dan Rosen would say: covered up polers!

Paradise chick has developed a fabric that gives extra grip. So you can just legging in the pole so your muscles maintain optimal heat. Vertical break, Inside leghang, Superman, Hangover, climbing, it can all with this legging! Find out another nice top or short and the shipment is free.

USE: warm yourself and the pole up well to activate the sticky fabric.

IMPORTANT: Hand washing with an unaggressive detergent to keep stickyness as well as possible. Washing in a machine causes quality loss. Never in the dryer. Don't go with the sticky dust on leather, down, suede materials. The substance can be delivered on the material and Paradise chick is not liable.

Discount codes are not valid on the sticky leggings.

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