Alle BLACK FRIDAY deals van dit jaar.

Alle BLACK FRIDAY deals van dit jaar.

This year Flexmonkey included more brands and more equipment to the end of the year sale!
10% off with code BF2023 on
- lupit poles
- crashmats
- aerial hoops
- polewear
- accessoires such as kneepads and grips
- poledance gifts
Other products that can bring a smile, are the poledancers gifts. Lovely waterbottles, socks, mugs, toiletbags, seemless undies and more! All perfect presents for your loved ones in the aerial community. 
Ofcourse, polewear is a big part of this years sale. You can choose from so many gorgeous brands, all shopable in our shop: SHARK, DRAGONFLY, PARADISE CHICK, RAD, FLEXMONKEY POLEWEAR and more. 
Book your private polecamp now and receive a 10% discount! 
The 10% off is also valid on the Flexmonkey summer events, the outdoor pole & aerials camps during summer time. Check them all out here.
Visit or and shop your favorites. For yourself, or as a gift for your polebestie. 
The code is valid until November 26th (2023). If the code doesn't work, the added product is excluded. Add Lupit poles, crashmats, aerial hoops, polewear that isn't on sale, poledance gifts&accessoires that aren't on sale. No discount is valued after placing the order. Delivery time may be longer than expected due to the number of orders and packages handled by the delivery companies. 
Happy shopping!

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