Interview met Flexmonkey polewear ontwerpster Cai, door IN MY

Interview met Flexmonkey polewear ontwerpster Cai, door IN MY

Flexmonkey Polewear : comfort for practice

Discover the Flexmonkey brand, an ideal polewear brand for pole dance training.

If you want comfort and elegance, Flexmonkey Polewear is the brand that will delight you. Comfortable, well adjusted, with shapes that adapt not only to all bodies but also to all ages, the brand's sets are nothing to envy to other brands in the world of polewear!

Created in the Netherlands by Cai_Polefit, the poledancer knows perfectly the needs of the adepts of the pole dance. And that's the strength of this brand, the curves of the body are married without ever showing too much.

In addition, it is she who realizes all the designs of fabrics!

The designs are fresh and modern! We feel very comfortable in it!


Let's leave the interview to know a little more about the brand:

Who are you and what link do you have with pole dance?

I started poledance waaaay back when it was still a big nono for most people. I worked as a psychologist and was not allowed to show that I am dancer. I started as a hobby but soon my passion for dance took over and I became an instructor. I created an alter ego Cai_Polefit and started education in sports and poledance. Soon I led a professional double live: psychologist by day, poledancer by night. I noticed something when I was a beginner. Where are all the covered up comfy but cute polewear? I started making my own polewear for when you are still shy and like to hide everything. Many beginners that I teach wanted the same. After a few years this resulted in my own brand and nowaday I am a fullblown poledancer and designer, also teaching aerial sports. My designs has developed with designs for the shy-polers but also for the 'ready-to-show-some-booty'-polers.


A beautiful, sporty and fresh brand


Why this name and this icon (logo)?

I love the monkey because of their strength and flexibility and how they move through the forrest. True poledancers they are! Also the FLEX in the brandname comes from Flex your muscles, Flex-ibility, and 'this is Flex!', (Dutch slang for AWESOME). I wanted no direct to prejugments that exist about poledance and I wanted to emphasize poledance is a true sport.


What are the values and qualities of your brand?

Fabrics are choosen with great care and they are premium quality. All polewear has to be split and squatproof so you don't have to worry about showing off more then you willingly tend to show. All designs I make and test myself. Everything has to be comfy but cute!

The new collections are manufactured with great care to the environment and human rights. This is important to me too.


Who are your brand ambassadors?

Demi Brama , who just won second place during the IPSF World Championships 2019 in Canada for junior aerial hoop and third for Artistique Pole.

Amanda Daniëlla de Caluwe studio owner of studio ADC (utrecht, netherlands)


If you had to choose a single article in your collection which would be and why?

this is very hard! I would have to say the Sportacious flower is still one of my favorites. But the Fantasy Jaguar really pops out! Although I have worn the Peacock in one of my competitions..And the new velvet collection has yet to come. This question is too hard :)

Thanks again Cai !

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