Flexmonkey Polewear

Cool, sexy and sporty! Flexmonkey proves that these features go together in her designs. The dust sits nicely and encloses the skin, with it breathing and drying quickly. The fabric camouflages a little, so that skin unevenness is less noticeable. The colors remain beautiful for a long time and the outfits are finished with the logo and golden label. Flexmonkey carries the utmost care of the poledan's clothing, from the idea of a new outfit to the delivery at your in the mailbox. The clothes are sporty with a wink. If you enjoy wearing our outfits, we're satisfied. Do you have a question or comment? Flexmonkey likes to hear from you! You can leave a message on the website via the contact button, or send an email to

Was prescription: Do not use laundry softener when washing sportswear. Washkeeper flattens the fibers which make the dust nicely soft but thus also loses its rack. Use a handwash program and wash with cold water or max. 30 degrees. Use an unaggressive detergent.

Handmade item & pole skirts: Keep the cleft closure always closed, especially during transport and handwashing. This prevents it from getting stuck to the fabric or being able to damage the stitching. This is your own responsibility. As well as damage sustained by label cutout, falls under customer responsibility. Never iron.