Size tables & washing prescription


Washing advice: hand-warm to cold water washing delivers the best results. No laundry keeper use and a mild detergent without bleach. We often get asked if it can be done in the washing machine. Provided you have a hand washing program that can run on cold water and put the products in a protective laundry bag, you can do so. The products absolutely can't be the dryer. Deviating from this advice can have an effect on quality and size. Simply washing in the washing machine at 40 degrees results in a slight color difference in the long term and has an effect on the logo.


Handmade item & pole skirts: always keep the Velcro closure closed, especially during transport and hand washing. This prevents it from getting stuck to the fabric or damaging the stitching. Damage sustained by careless use and/or the cutting of the label is the responsibility of the customer. Never iron.


All printed items such as tank tops, sweaters and other items that are printed should only be washed cold to hand-warm, not crumpled, not in dryer or centrifuge. Do not allow to dry, blow-dry or iron on a heater. After washing, hang out or let it dry.


In cold water, do not centrifuge, no use of detergent or laundry, no dryer, do not sit on suede or leather surface, can give off on yoga mats. Stickies work best on twisted/warmed pole.


Flexmonkey polewear size table

Look at the size of number 2. The cup size is less important because the XS and S sizes can also be worn at a large cup size (D, E).

Flexmonkey hotpants:
XXS 156/164 (kids)
XS 34/36
S 38/40
M 42/44
L 46/48
XL 50

Flexmonkey sporty shorts, peachy shorts and apple shorts:

XXS 156/164 (kids)
XS 34/36
S 38
M 40
L 42

Flexmonkey poledance skirt - pole dance skirt

Sizes (measuring point just below the navel):
XS 68 - 72 cm
S 72 - 78 cm
M 76 - 82 cm
L 80 - 86 cm
XL 84 - 90 cm
The skirt is extra long and in most cases falls on the floor. This creates a great graceful effect during pole dancing.

BADKITTY (in inches)

RAD (in cm) RAD Polewear falls small.

DRAGONFLY (in cm and in inches) falls very small. Models that fall on the buttock instead of over it, it is recommended to order 1 or 2 sizes larger than usual.





X-POLE (in mm)

Lupit pole