Send & Return Policy

The impact of the current Corona threat has as a result increased pressure on delivery services. This allows the packets to be delayed. We ask for this to be understood, and we all want good health.

Due to the Corona pandemic the partner delivery companies are working under a lot of pressure. Some parcels might be delayed. We hope for your understanding. Please keep safe and healthy. *

Send & return policy

PART 1. Forwarding

1. After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation with invoice. The tracking is also shared via email. In addition, mail can be sent through mail.Add to the address book or keep an eye on the spam folder.

2. Delivery time
Typically, the delivery time of a product has been supplied in stock within the Netherlands. Flexmonkey works with various delivery services so that always for the fastest and best option can be chosen. If you have an order for 14 :00h, the package will normally be offered the same day (on business days within the Netherlands). On weekends ordered, is usually on Tuesday in house. Take into account products with exceptional delivery time and products that cannot be in stock. If you have a deadline for a particular order, you will do well to place it prematurely. If you have an emergency order anyway, please contact (or via whatsapp 06-17149846). If an item is not in inventory, you will be notified of this item and the item is being ordered. You may be waiting to send until your order is complete. There are other delivery times for deliveries outside the Netherlands. These are different from each country.

3. Exceptional delivery times
The new collection of Flexmonkey the Joyful Hummingbird has an even unknown lead time. The Dragonfly brand usually has a delivery time of 5-12 working days. This can be increased to 21 days in exceptional cases. Crash mats have a delivery time of an average of 2 to 3 weeks. In November-December-January this can go up to 6 to 8 weeks. Aerial equipment and danspals if on stock can be retrieved or delivered within 4-5 working days.Currently, due to the lockdowns, RIVM guidelines and disease reports at delivery companies are a delay in the shipment process of Lupit through which delivery starts from 30 working days. Xpole also has a longer delivery time from 20 working days. AGM the Pole has a delivery time from 25 working days. Mighty grip products have a delivery time of 2 weeks.

Do you want to guarantee that the package is delivered the following day? Please contact Flexmonkey via It is possible to deliver the following day if the order and the mail contact for 12 :00h is complete. This option is possibly EUR 27.50 euro.

In some cases, it is also possible to pick up your order. The additional shipping costs will then lapse. If shipping costs are already offset in price then no discount is given.

4. Payment

Payment can be made by credit card, ideal, bank transfer, bank transfer and paypal. If you choose the option "bank deposit," please make the total amount to the Flex Monkey NL21KNAB0255250274 listing the ORDER NUMBER (FM20 ....). Payment can also be paid through the PAYPAL account quoting the ORDER NUMBER (FM20 ....). PAYPAL may ask for a fee for payment. It shall be borne by the payer. Opt for the option 'payment to a friend or known' to avoid the fee. Please send an email with a proof of payment to for an early handling of your order. The order will be sent as soon as payment is received.

You can pay with bank transfer ('bank deposit '). Payment can be fulfilled via Flex Monkey NL21KNAB0255250274 (bic code KNABNL2H) with as comment the ORDERNUMBER (FM20 ....).
You can also pay via PAYPAL to INFO@FLEXMONKEY.NL. Paypal may charge a fee. Choose the option 'pay to a friend' to avoid this fee, or pay this fee.
Please send us an email with proof of payment. Your order will be fullfilled as soon as your payment is received.

There is no possibility for after pay. All payments must be satisfied prior to the delivery of the products.

5. Method
Flexmonkey works with various delivery services together. You can choose the regular shipping, where the package under track&trace is delivered to the home. In addition, we have the following options: DPD & POSTNL pick up point: you choose this option when you do not expect to be at home at the time of delivery and/or when you want to determine the pick up moment yourself. You tick the option and Flexmonkey automatically chooses the nearest point for you. This information is shared with you at the time the track&trace code is sent. You yourself are responsible for achieving this package within the time limit set. You can see through the t&t when the package is waiting for you.

If an order is made of 'free shipping' then the option DPD Pick is made (get at a DPD point), get the option at a POSTNL service point, or a letterbox package.

Gift pack: Flexmonkey makes a festive package.

Next day: guaranteed to be delivered the next day? You can do that. Please contact Flexmonkey via It is possible to deliver the next day if the order and the mail contact for 10 :00h is complete. This option is possible EUR 27.50euro.

6. Unexpected delay by customs 
If a package comes from abroad, as can sometimes be the case with Dragonfly, Xpole and Firetoys, it can in an exceptional case prevent the customs from holding a package longer than average. If this happens we ask for patience and we will keep you informed of the expected delivery time as closely as possible. Flexmonkey cannot be held responsible for the consequences of this delay.

7. Costs 
The cost of shipping within the Netherlands starts from 3.50 euros (package of lighter than 2 kilos). On orders from 125 euros with delivery within the Netherlands are shipping costs free of charge. Shipments abroad are treated on a case-by-case basis. The following are the current shipping costs on 01-02-2020. These costs are time-dependent and subject to change. No rights can be derived from this information. 
-see overview via link

8. Address data 
The customer bears responsibility to enter the shipping address correctly. Also, if an order is manually set, the customer must check this information for correctness. If an address is not found to be correct, it falls under the responsibility of the customer. Any additional shipping costs for the recovery of the package or the loss of the package will be recovered from the customer. Also, when a payment link is made ready for the customer, the customer is responsible for checking this information carefully (type of product, size, number, and shipping address).

9. Receiving of goods
We are not responsible for the receipt of the goods. You have the responsibility to be present or to take care of presence in case of delivery. In case a livers attempt multiple times has failed and the package is brought to a service point, you will assume responsibility for getting the package off in a timely way or providing you with an authorized person who will take it for you. You yourself will be responsible for checking the track&trace code regularly to check if you have missed the package. In case a packet has not been taken off in time, this will be sent back to Flexmonkey and you can pick up package with us. Of course, there is the possibility of sending the package again, at the cost of the buyer.

10. Confirming dance schools 
Friendly dance schools have a unique discount code that is only valid for individual orders done through the website by trainees of that particular dance school. The general conditions and the return policy apply to friendly dance schools and orders arising from this cooperation. The customer has sole responsibility to carry out the return policy and not the friendly dance school. The customer may use the studio code if it has a membership at the studio in question, a course of at least two weeks or at least once every two weeks a lesson. Flexmonkey reserves the right to inform itself at the relevant dance school and in the event of abuse or fraud, the regular return charge of 5 euros and resulting extra charges will be charged.

Do you want your dance school or studio, or the place where you ' re following classes, to become a friendly dance school as well? Then log in via


PART 2. Return Policy

Right To Revocation-Trade & Return

Return 11.A

Customers understand: people who have made a purchase at Flexmonkey in the web shop. Under European law, you are entitled to the right of withdrawal up to 14 days from the date of receipt.

-- > STEP 1. If you wish to return an item, please report the return to email at, quoting the name and order number.

-- > STEP 2. Add to the return package an accompanying note that includes clearly your NAME, the ORDER number, and what items will return. Under this information, we can't process a return. At the bottom of this page you will find an example letter.

The return address:
Flex monkey 
PO Box 194
5100 AD Dongen

You are responsible for ensuring that the package is delivered to the correct address and that the products arrive undamaged. The product is in the original packaging and any labels are still attached to it. There are no traces that the article is worn different than fit for the measure (in case of smoke odor, deodorant stripes, grip spores, detergent, etc, the product is NOT taken and you will have to pay the shipping fee again, or donate it to the bag of Max). Once the return has been received by us, the processing may take 3 to 5 working days. A notification is sent via email (unless an email address is not completed).

11. B Exception on Return

Companies and organizations. Custom corporate clothing could not be returned in house style. If you commit to production of the samples, you agree to these terms and conditions and the size chart. Samples may be modified after which the final version of the garments can be produced. Here are sample costs associated with it.

Handmade items cannot return. Handmade polewear hasa knee-and stitching margin of 1,5-3 cm. There is warranty for minor repair work. The item can be brought to the Flexmonkey atelier to be repaired free of charge. This is on an appointment. If the item is sent to make use of the free repair, then the shipping costs in its total will be for customer responsibility. Damage to the product by cutting the label or dust or stitching damage by the Velcro falls under the responsibility of the customer. If a hand-made item has a Velcro buckle, keep this closure closed at all times. Even if you don't have or transported the skirt. This prevents clatting on the seams. Never wash handmade items in the washing machine but by hand. Don't go ironing.

Custom-made items such as printed matter, dance channels and crash mats can return subject to 30% of the purchase price. In the case of a return, 70% of the purchase price of the products will be paid back.

12. Partial return on cancellation
When cancelling an order to size, choosing the desired size, coating or colour and material such as the aerial hoops, aerial hopes of sets, dance languages, drop mats and stages, flexes will charge 30% of the purchase price when the order is cancelled or returned. On a return, 70% of the purchase amount will be of the Products are returned to return.

13. Cancellation of lessons, performances, workshops and events.
In case of cancellation of any events, performance, course, lesson, workshops, etc. applies a payment obligation. Up to 2 months before the start date can be cancelled free of charge. After this, for whatever reason (unfortunately also in the case of injury and other unfortunate circumstances), the full amount is charged and no money is returned. There may be travel insurance coverage that cover these costs.Reservations are by name, personal, and non-transferable to third parties. If there are people on the reserve list, it can be looked at or the place can be taken. For this, 50 euro administration fees are charged. Logout should be done in writing by email or letter, via or at the address above.Flexmonkey reserves the right to make organizational and substantive changes.

14A. Return purchase amount 
If you are resigning the agreement within 14 days and the package is back in our possession within 14 days, you will receive the purchase price of the product concerned within 8 working days after the package is in good order. Please note that any tracking indicates when the package is delivered in the mailbox. With that, it ' s not physically in our possession yet, but only after the next pick-up. We will pay you back using the same means of payment as you did the original transaction, unless you expressly otherwise agreed otherwise; in any case, no charges are charged for this refund. Returns are processed on average within 8 working days. You can see this at your payment source. Please note that in case of credit card payment, a return booking for you is often only visible on your credit card summary at the end of the month/term.If, by returning part of the order, the original purchase price comes out below € 125, we charge the shipping costs you would have originally paid with the amount to be recharged.

14B. Cost and responsibility return shipment. The cost of the return is the responsibility of the customer. Whatever manner of delivery you choose, you will be responsible for the package being returned to our possession. We can wait for repayment until we have recovered the goods. If you are looking for the package, you can contact the relevant delivery service. In that case, the amount of the purchase is not refunded by us. In that case, you can submit a claim to the delivery service.

15. Ruiling 
If you wish to obtain a replacement product, you must place a new order.

16. Depreciation 
If damage has been caused to the product, and demonstrably that more has happened with the product than may be expected to assess whether you want to keep it, the cost of this damage will be for your account. The packaging may have been opened. However, the product must not contain any stains, (smoke) odours or any other damage. If wear or damage has occurred, Flexmonkey shall be entitled to charge that damage with the amount to be returned.

17. Time period: 14 days of reflection 
During the reflection period, the consumer will carefully deal with the product and packaging. The product will be unpacked to that extent only to the extent necessary in order to assess whether the product is retained.

18. Package delayed or search 
If a package is not delivered, an investigation shall be initiated. This can take 2 weeks. Depending on the investigation, it is decided whether the responsibility lies with the delivery service or at the shop. In the first case, you can claim the package at the delivery service. In the latter, the shop will come with the solution. So it is not automatically the case that the shop will reimburse the package or resend the product. If signed for a package, the legal condition is satisfied to deliver a package and you can submit your claim to the relevant delivery service. If a package with a track&trace has been delivered and the package has been searched, you can submit a claim to the delivery service. Flexmonkey will assist you through delivery of all the information you need.

If you have paid via credit card or paypal, you are often entitled to purchase protection from this payment service.




This form allows you to print out or manually overwrite it and add it to your return shipment. It is important to always clearly add your NAME and the ORDER number to the PACKAGE PACKAGE. Without your name and order number, we will not be able to return the amount of the return amount.

-To Flexmonkey 
PO Box 194
5100 AD Dongen

Best Flexmonkey,

-I would like to return/swap an order (*). It concerns the following products/The product is the following product (*) 

-Name product 

-Order number


-Ordered to (*) /Received at (*) 

-Reason to return (*) 

Friendly greeting,

-Name (s) consumer (s) 
-Consumer address (s) 


(*) Strike out what does not apply 
..... filling out



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