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All new monkeys receive a nice online discount with the code NEWBIE (*polewear only muv stickies). But as a friendly studio, you receive a default discount on ELKE order! Studio advantage on dance poles, aerial hopes and valmats, wouldn't that be nice? Another advantage is that you can offer your trainees a standard discount on flexmonkey_polewear. In addition, we can print the studio logo on clothes to make the flexmonkey outfit fit perfectly with your studio. And how about a nice pop-up store that comes to see an event, with matching social media attention through videos, photos and a blog?

Now become a friendly studio and benefit from all these fun benefits. As a curser, you can also, of course, ensure that your studio joins the Flexmonkey_tribe. Specify your studio through

Here's what others say about Flexmonkey:


"Flexmonkey makes shorts and tops that everyone can wear! For yoga, running, tennis, kickboxing, pole dancing.. Faboulous & comfortable! Why am I in love with this brand? You can wear the bottoms in two ways: high & low waist. You choose what suits you best and can easily change it. The fabric is delicious! I also ordered a batch of crash mats. Nice discount and very good quality."Amanda, studio ADC.


"Very good service and fast delivery!! Very nice pole dance clothing, very satisfied with the knee pads. Totally a fan of BCAA Powder and the Flexmonkey shaker. I say do and no longer wait to order." Sabrina, studio PoleProficiency

Other friendly studios include: Pole dance studio Zevenaar & Doetinchem(without a logo); polewear

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Friendly Pole Dance Camps "AROUND THE WORLD"
polecamps over de hele wereld Santorini greece europe flexmonkey polecamps Flexmonkey polewear amsterdam Nederland
polecamps over de hele wereld Santorini greece europe flexmonkey polecamps Flexmonkey polewear amsterdam Nederlandpolecamps over de hele wereld Sri Lanka Flexmonkey polecamps Flexmonkey polewear amsterdam Nederland
Polecamps by Loa Koalita,
Santorini : 05 to 12 May 2019,Sri Lanka: 23 -29 Feb 2020
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Former dance camps: Pole 'n Holidays, Algarve 2017 & 2018.
Take a look at the Flexmonkey pole dance camps.

Aftermovie Pole 'n Holidays polecamp august 2018 Algarve, Portugal from Flexmonkey_sport on Vimeo.

In addition to working with studios, we also have partnerships with the following photographers:Leon Hofenk, BlankitaMarcel Photography, Klaas Sikkema, Frans-Jan WagemakerS.

Do you want to work with Flexmonkey? Feel free to contact us! This can be done via or by a whatsapp to 06-17149846 and we call back. Do you put it at which time is best? We'd love to hear from you.