Return shipment fee & payment methods

The shipping costs of a return consignment can be reimbursed via paypal. This service is being offered from paypal. Flexmonkey is not responsible for this. The information that paypal provides on this subject is as follows.

PayPal Return Fee entites fee to a fee of up to € 30 per return, up to 12 times per calendar year. Condition is that your transaction is eligible for consideration. * Also, you need to activate the service once only. Then, from the transaction data in your PayPal account, you can ask for a refund directly. More information via paypal:


The payment methods accepted by Flexmonkey are as follows.

Payment can be made by credit card, ideal, bank transfer, bank transfer and paypal.

Have you chosen the option 'bank deposit', please make the total amount to the Flex Monkey NL21KNAB0255250274 listing the ORDER NUMBER (FM20 ....). Payment can also be paid through the PAYPAL account quoting the ORDER NUMBER (FM20 ....). PAYPAL may ask for a fee for payment. It shall be borne by the payer. Opt for the option 'payment to a friend or known' to avoid the fee.
Send us an email with proof of payment for an early handling of your order. The order will be sent as soon as payment is received.

Did you chose to pay with bank transfer (bank deposit)? Payment can be fulfilled via Flex Monkey NL21KNAB0255250274 (bic code KNABNL2H) with as comment the ORDERNUMBER (FM20 ....).
You can also pay via PAYPAL to INFO@FLEXMONKEY.NL. Paypal may charge a fee. Choose the option 'pay to a friend' to avoid this fee, or pay this fee.
Please send us an email with proof of payment. Your order will be fullfilled as soon as your payment is received.