Aerial hope INCLUDING shipping (zero, one and two point)

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Delivery time 2 working days. During the Covid-19, delivery times and prices have been adjusted. Temporarily reduced. Firetoys ' s Aerial Hoops have been an understanding in the circus and sports world for years, and provide high-quality quality. The Hoops are made Of hollow tubes stainless steel and you can choose whether you want the aerial hope with 1 eye, 1 connection point, wishes (one point) or with 2 eyes (two points).

The hoops come in the dimensions of 80cm up to 105 cm. The hoops are measured at the outer ring. In general, an external communication is also communicated. The difference with the inner ring is 5 cm. The standard, most commonly used size, is 95cm in diameter.

You measure the ideal height of hope by sitting on a chair and measuring from the seat up to the top of your head, and counting 10cm above it. So if you measure from the seat up to the top of your head 80cm, then you have a lot of 90cm (outer ring) necessary. You can also ask at the dance school or studio what diameter the hoops have there, to make sure the hope matches up.

The most common hope for shared use and studio usage is the hope of 95cm. Do you want the hope in a specific color, then you can order colored tape to get to the desired color (or color combination).

More information? Read your Here.

The weight of the heap per length:

80cm: 5.4kg
85cm: 5.6kg
90cm: 5.8kg
95cm: 6.2kg
100cm: 6.4kg
105cm: 6.6kg

* Always consult a certified rigger before your self hangs up with an aerial hope.

* The aerial hope is delivered without the suspension system. You can order it separately or if complete set.

* Aerial hoops have been tested: one point (WLL 180kg) zero points (WLL 260kg) two point (WLL 300kg).

* Shipments within the Netherlands (for transmission to other countries within the EU, additional costs are calculated from about 8.50-15,00 e).

* Safety certificate available on request (cost 5 euro).

* The aerial hoops are tailored for size. This makes money a payment obligation of 30% in case of cancellation or reorder of the order, unless the item is defective.

* Get option to Dongen (no price difference). 

* Inspection recommended for every use.