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The current situation entails many delays. That is why Flexmonkey now has a new collaboration with AGM poles, the well-known poles on which, among others, Ona K. dances. Delivery is currently faster than the other brands sold on this site.

Shipping: tracking can be followed within 5 working days. From that moment on, delivery will take approximately 15 working days (in total 20 to 25 working days). Do you want express shipping? That is possible for 90 euros more. The expected delivery time is then 5 to 8 working days. If desired, mail to

The displayed price includes shipping to the Netherlands. A small fee may be charged for other countries. You can check this during checkout.

This stage can be ordered in S or L: with short legs (legs do not come out from under stage plates) or with long legs (where the legs protrude from under the stage). The difference is in ease of use and stability. Short legs are easier to use and the long legs offer more stability. You can also choose to order the long legs as an extra afterwards. The chassis is easy to replace without needing a whole new stage.

Size S: 165cm x 145cm

Dimensions L: 252cm x 220cm

Pole size: custom made with a maximum of 300cm. For indoor use: indicate how high your ceiling is in the section 'remark'during check out. The pole is made 30cm shorter than the inside height. The pole consists of 2 parts and the top part is made to measure.

The choice of diameter is 40mm or 45mm and the coating black or white. At the moment, a black pole can be requested by email. Delivery time is 40 working days. That is why only the option for white is shown here. Assembly is simple and fast. To set the pole to spinning, a small hex socket is required. This is included.

Do you want a stage with the QuickSpin system where the pole can be set to spinning in an instant, without using an Allen key? Then check the HIVE GARA PRO.

* the stage is delivered in cardboard. Carrying bag NOT included, but can be ordered separately via email.

* this product is often bought in combination with weight plates to make the frame heavier. These are recommended for acrobatic use of the stage, for duo acts and for less stable surfaces such as grass and pavers.

* stages ordered are tailored to height, thickness and coating. This means that a payment obligation of 30% applies in the event of cancellation, refusal or return of the order.