PoleGrip (sports grip enhancer)

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Delen Delen

Replace Replaces with Dryhands


Dries fast

 vegan friendly

Content: 50ml

On the second bottle, you will receive Discount 20% (max. 1x per customer)

Polegrip offers a thin liquid formula that dries well and does not paste. The product is a good replacement for the DRY HANDS sport grip. It promises to improve sport performance by allowing it to slip and reduce and increase grip with hands. The formula remains long and there is only a small pressure of it. The label leaves to be desired, but the product itself is not happy! The bottle contains 50ml and the ingredients are vegan friendly. It contains alcohol, silica, sodium bicarbonate and water. A small grape in the palm, just in the hands clapping to divide, let dry and: ready for pole! 


Ingredients: alcohol, silica, sodium bicarbonate, aqua.
The ingredients are dangerous and for external use. Can cause eye irritations and the vapor is flammable.