Flexmonkey-'Felicity ' Top Pink Diamond

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We stick with Flexmonkey from perfection and have worked hard on the design, the details and the finish. We're proud of this, too.The Felicity design sportbra is graceful, sexy and sporty! The sportbra is a playful top back with a beautiful streamlined backband that ends in triangle shape. This graceful back gives optically more attention to the back muscles. The wide band of the sportbra ensures that it sits comfortably during every branch of sport. The cross-tie tires at the front enclose the breast party. This crossed halter, along with the extra inworked middle piece, ensures that the breast party does not "fall out". The cut-eye of the design is in the special cut on the chest. Not too low, just exactly right for that touch of sexyness. The top can be easily adjusted by taking the tyres on the back slightly, so that the bust can be adjusted for each personal wish and tight, striker and strath.

The top is specially recommended for polefitness, pole dancing, exotic pole, hot yoga, and aerial sports.The bra is slightly more devious than the first model, the Sportacious racerback.

* sexy back
* crossed halter front support
* double layer for firmness and comfort
* elastan with colorprotect
* sizes XS-XL