Flexmonkey Hotpants 'Felicity' Precious Black

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At Flexmonkey we love perfection and see that in our polewear. We worked the details and the finishing touches. We design our shorts so that they look beautiful on any body shape and are also suitable for the ladies with a size more. We're proud of this, too. TheFelicity HOTPANTS is hot! Hot! Hot! The hotpants have short legs and the band at the top falls just over the hip bone in most models, so that the "ves" are covered exactly below. The hotpants are finished with two techniques that make your buttocks look even rounder: the backfinished with the famous brazilian 'crunched-bun' and the band has the familiar flexmonkeyV-shape. It delivers sexy but sporty shorts. Especially recommended for pole fitness, pole dancing, hot yoga, and aerial sports.

Size advice: The shorts fall on the spacious side. Would you prefer longer legs and a foldover/high waist? Check out ourSportacious Shorts.

* short pipes
* crunched bun - brazilian bun
* waist line runs low at belly, and higher at the waist
* elastan with colorprotect
* anti sweat & anti bacterial
* sizes XXS - L


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