Flexmonkey leggings - Fantasy Jaguar

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The Fantasy Jaguar print is part of flexmonkey polewear's Deluxe line. The quality you are used to from us, in an even more luxurious version. The Fantasy Jaguar hotpants is finished with a diamond making the print shined like never before. The blue fabric also contains this diamond dust. Moving in the light, this is even more beautiful.

The Fantasy Jaguar leggings with dreamlike leopard print of course has the sexy V-shape you can expect from Flexmonkey.These yoga leggings can be used for any sport. Like the other Flexmonkey leggings, the fabric is wonderfully soft and sufficiently firm, which camouflages unevenness in the skin. The wide band at the hips ensures that the fabric connects to your body and does not cut. Also, the 'crunched bun' is added for a great booty.

These leggings are designed with extra length. This is useful because you can then wear the leg of the leggings over your heel and/or foot. Heremaa makes stretching more pleasant and makes it easier to get into your split and split.On the thighs and calves is shiny white mesh processed for optically extra long legs. The leggings have been tested SPLIT & SQUAT proof. Ideal for exercising in a carefree way!


* extra length for (hot) yoga & stretching