Flexmonkey poleshort Fantasy Jaguar *LIMITED EDITION *

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WATCH OUT! This short has a different fit than the other flexmonkey shorts (e.g. black and peacock). This short falls wider by the hips. We suggest you order a size smaller than you are used to at flexmonkey_polewear.

The Flexmonkey poleshort:

The Fantasy Jaguar print is part of the Deluxe Line of Flexmonkey polewear. The quality you are used to of us, in an even more luxurious performance. The Fantasy Jaguar hot pants is finished with a diamond dust making the print shiny as never before. The blue dust in this poleshort also contains the diamond dust. Moving into the light, this is even more beautiful.
The Fantasy Jaguar poleshort has a pipe a little longer than the fold and runs straight. Inside the fabric is a shimmer which gives a nice shimmer when light falls on the short. The fabric is therefore not the same as the black shorts you are used to with Flexmonkey and wears lighter. The fit falls slightly wider than you are used to the Fold about shorts or hot pants.
* playful and sporting
* adjustable waist height by foldover band
* round buttocks by V-shape
* longer pipes
* Golden monkey logo visible on back
* now also size XXS (154-164)