Flexmonkey racerback 'Fantasy Jaguar' * LIMITED EDITION *

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Delen Delen

The Fantasy Jaguar makes part out of the Deluxe line of Flexmonkey polewear. This means that the execution is extra luxury! This is the way to the Fantasy Jaguar sportsbra standard bra-pads. These pads are removable.
In addition, the Fantasy Jaguar is finished with a diamond dust making the print shined like never before. The blue parts also contain this diamond dust. Moving in the light, this is even more beautiful.
The Flexmonkey sportsbra:
* playful and sporty
* broad ties for good support
* double inner lining with room for bra padding
* suitable for large cupboard (also XS and SForNarrow range)
* high finished and yet sexy decolleté
* soft and elastic material
* colorable, does not appear by