renting of the GYMPOLE traineeship

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Delen Delen

Gympole pole-dancing traineeship innovative and sustainable. Why? Read here!

Do you want a reliable stage for a performance on site or a demonstration? E-Mail us for more information

The advantage is the height (higher than x-stage), the stability, the low stage without excellent parts and the spinning option. That's how easy the stage goes from static to spinning, and back;

The stage is more stable than ever. The gympole system is 100% safe and easy to use.

  • 45mm pole diameter
  • polished stainless steel for good grip
  • 3,165 M total height
  • 9.6 cm height of the floor / stage
  • 184cm the width of the soil at the most wide point, measured at the smallest point, 160cm
  • 44 kg total weight of bottom case on wheels and carrier bags
  • 2x24 kg weight of soil plates (2x a carrying bag with 3 soil plates)
  • 17 kg weight of subframes
  • 13 kg weight of ball

Price of the rent is 180, - euro per day (excluding VAT) 21% VAT, excluding 50, - euro construction & breakdown service and 350 euro deposit). 36cnt per kilometre is charged for the construction service.

After rental you will receive 100 euro discount on the purchase of a Gympole pole dancing traineeship! E-Mail us and we'll be happy to help you out.