Rent X-pole A-frame for aerial hoop, silk and straps.

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XNew in the Netherlands: now rent an Aframe for aerial sports from Xpole. The rack is easy to transport in a spacious passenger car. The frame comes in two carrying bags and the max. Length is 1.55m. The system can be set up and taken down within minutes and is very light (35 kg). It is easy to switch between aerial hoop, silks and straps.The A-frame can be set up from a height of 2.23m to a height of 3.35m. It can be adjusted to any height in between. At the lowest position, the frame takes up 4.4 square meters of the ground surface, and at the height position this increases to 8.9 m2.

There are 2 connecting points in the frame, so you can use it for a lot without eyes, 1, 2, 3 or 4 eyes. Low silks and hammocks can also be hung in it.

The frame is intended for basic use of aerial sports and NOT for professional performances, duo tricks, dynamic moves or drops. The Aframe has been tested for training with the following ratios: WBL (the weight that can be hung on it without movement before the material breaks) 700kg, and for the WLL (how much weight can be attached to it during movement) is for use 10: 1 to 70kg, 7: 1 to 100kg and 10: 1 140kg.

The aerial frame can be weighted with sandbags. The tenant is responsible for correct use and correct weighting. The Aframe can be picked up in the Breda area.

Mail us for information and tailor-made advice: Price per half-day is 180 euros, EXCLUDING VAT, and a deposit of 250 euros. Collection and return are done on the same day. If this happens on the day after, it will cost an extra half day.

Delivery and collection service is possible in consultation. Building service is also possible. Mail to for more information.

Would you like to rent an Aerial Hoop or silks right away? Which can! Just send an email to We recommend purchasing a lot or silks because of the small price difference. If you decide to purchase a lot, you will receive a 10 euro discount on the standard price (does not apply in case of a promotional price). When renting the frame you also get a discount on a silk beginner level or advanced.