'Joyful Hummingbird' hot pants by Flexmonkey polewear

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Delivery time: 3 weeks. The Hummingbird is the bringer of hope, love and happiness. The beautiful animalsymbolizes spreading your wings and engaging in personal development full of fun and playfulness. It is an independent flyer, optimistic and free. It is precisely at this time that we can derive strength from this beautiful spiritual meaning.
The new collection can already be reserved. An order is shipped as one whole. This hummingbird collection is unique and limited. On = on.
The Flexmonkey hot pants Hummingbird:
The model of these hot pants is NEW! Previous hot pants have a front seam. These hot pants don't have that. This makes the model fall slightly different. Something for everyone!
* Sporty and comfortable
* elastic material that remains elastic wash after wash
* no front seam (anti-cameltoe)
* colorfast print
* High waist band
XXS = 30-32
XS = 34-36
S = 36-38
M = 40
L = 42-44
XL = 44-46