'Joyful Hummingbird' racerback top by Flexmonkey polewear

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Delivery time: three weeks.  The new collection can already be reserved.An order is shipped as a whole. This hummingbird collection is unique and limited. On = on.
The Hummingbird is the bringer of hope, love and happiness. The beautiful animalsymbolises the spread of your wings and to engage in personal development full of fun and playfulness. It is an independent kite, optimistic and free. It is precisely in this day and age that we can derive strength from this beautiful spiritual meaning.
The Flexmonkey racerback:
* sporty and comfortable
* elastic band under the chest and wide shoulder straps
* playful mesh cleavage
* colour-resistant print
* room for loose padding
All tops have a wide cup range.
XXS = 30-32
XS = 34-36
S = 36-38
M = 40
L = 42-44
XL = 44-46


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