Karabiner aerial sports HYBRID (large) safety closure 40kN

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Delen Delen

This carabiner has a safety closure with which the buckle is assured and carries up to 40kN. Due to the hybrid form (an oval and a D-shape in one), it is stronger than the normal oval carabiner. Material: steel with a layer of zinc against corrosion.

The automatic lock system should keep a close eye on the fact that during its use there is no opposition to what the closure can run and open. Therefore, it is not recommended that this form of closure be used to link a lot to a rope or harness.

There are smaller Carabiners available for if you work with aerial ropes and the narrower ceiling hooks.


* Inspection recommended for every use.

* Breakstrength 40kN.

* CE 0120 AND 362 :04B.

* 195g.