Knee protectors for pole dancing, floorwork, street dance, breakdance...

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Delen Delen

There are two types of knee protection for sale. Elastic and with cleft band.

Elastic: Through the elastic substance in which the bunting cushion is processed, these knee protectors close well and do not clutch. The broad band divided the pressure of the firm rubber band, making these knee protectors suitable for a distantly divergent knee size.

Size S is for children and narrow knees. As of M is for the average adult female. Size M can when measuring below the knee between 24 - 34 cm and above the knee of 32 - 46 cm.

Clit tire: Make the kneepads exactly tailored by means of the clit tire closure under and above the knee. Not in the range for now.

Nice to combine with long leg warmersAlso available in pink.