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During the Covid lock downs, the delivery time is approximately 15-30 working days.Currently, due to the lockdowns, RIVM guidelines and sick notifications at delivery companies, there is a delay in lupit's shipping process, which can take up to 30 business days. The tracking is shared as soon as the order is processedButcan only be followed live after 20 working days.

Lupit poles have a smooth finish over the entire surface. That means there is nowhere to feel an edge or ajar. Lupit poles are safe and reliable. The spinning foot gives the pole a perfect twist.

Lupit poles are available in the following versions: Stainless steel 42mm, Stainless steel 45mm, Chrome 45mm, with the choice between normal finish or Swarovski version. All poles are equipped with the new G2 technique for an even better spin function. In addition, there are several extensions available. There is also a Lupit polestage available. Prices include 22,50euros shipping to the Netherlands.Because ordered dance poles are tailored to suit material, thickness and finish, money a payment of 30% in case of cancellation or return of the order. The pole set comes without a carrier bag. If desired, it can be ordered separately via this link

The poles are easy to install (see video) and move from one room to another within 5 minutes. Drilling is not necessary. The rubber foot, the upper disc with the Flex system and theatented 'Safety Block nut' provide maximum safety for the dancer.

Useful for heights from 2100mm to 2800mm. From 2800mm an extension is required. With an extension of 500mm for the G2 classic pole you can adjust the dance pole to a height of 3300mm. This extension is sold separately.