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For the Covid-lock-downs, the delivery time is about 15-30 working days. Currently, due to the lockdowns, RIVM guidelines and sick notification of delivery companies, there is a delay in Lupit's shipping process which can last up to 30 working days. The tracking is shared as soon as the order is processed but can only be followed live after 15 working days.

 In addition to dance steps, Lupit has developed handy accessories such as this ceiling mount. If your studio fund does not run horizontally, or has odd surfaces, this ceiling can be used. Because the ceiling mount can be moved at an angle of 0 to 90 degrees, it can be used on any oblique surface. The ceiling mount is drilled into the ceiling and thus gives a safe and good stability when the pole is rotated in it. It is recommended that the ceiling mount only in concrete ceilings.

The ceiling mount is only suitable for the Lupit PRO poles. And so not for the CLASSIC or DIAMOND (for this is the Slope ceiling mount). Read the manual before editing. Always check the pole for stability before use.

Prices include 12.50 euro shipping costs. In the case of returns, the shipping costs are charged.