LUPIT POLE Removeable for studio use

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  • €599.95

Delen Delen

Want to make sure you put a good quality and a stable dance pole in your studio? Then opt for Lupit pole. Contact us to see the full picture:

1. How high should the pole be?

2. Do you want a permanent pole or a movable pole?

3. Do you want to attach the pole to a ceiling or to a beam?

4. What material do you want: brass or stainless steel?

All studio poles can be used both static and spinning. This pole is movable. This means that the pole can be stored after each use. The pole is on one piece and has a length of your choice. The price is indicated on a one piece pole of 3.60 to 3.80 meters including shipping. Also the hex key and ceiling mount are calculated in this price.Prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT.

Prices start at 599.95 euros for a one-piece pole of 3.60 - 3.80 meters. No problem to deliver higher poles. For this, prices are calculated to measure.

Delivery time depends on the order. Return or cancellation will be charged 30% of the original invoice amount.