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During Covid-lock downs, delivery time is about 15-30 working days.Currently, due to the lockdowns, RIVM guidelines and disease reports at delivery companies are a delay in the dispatch process of Lupit that can take delivery up to 30 business days. The tracking will be shared once the order has been processedBUTis only live after 15 working days.

The Polestage is ideal to transport and can be set up without any confirmation in floor or ceiling. That means outside too!

The internship has the integrated Lupit Pole Quick Lock system that lets you turn the pole with 1 convenient click on spinning. Even during your routine, you can turn the click system with a hand-held turn. No screw or bus key needed.

You can choose between an internship with short legs, and an internship with long legs. It differs in stability, appearance and use. A long-legged placement ensures the stability of the stage as a dancer from 70kg up to 1.02 running per second makes up to 1.7 meters height of the pole. An internship with short legs can be used by a 70kg dancer who makes 0.8 running per second at a height of 1.7m ensuring safety. Turn faster at that height than to recommend its long legs. As far as the picture is concerned, you can see what the difference is. In use, it is a difference in speed and lathes, but also in use of the area around the stage. With longer legs, it is limited.



  • Height of 2905 mm
  • Usable height (from the podium up to the top of the pole) 2810 mm
  • Diameter of the podium 1600 mm
  • Due to the length of the legs, a minimum space is needed from 1800mm (short legs) vs 2500mm diameter (long legs)
  • Weight 65kg (short legs) vs 68kg (long legs)
  • Diameter of the pole 45 mm
  • Material: mirror polished stainless steel
  • Stage: 3 shiny hard laminate plastic plates and 3 matte hard laminate plastic plates.

Prices include 55euro shipping costs. On internshipsmoney will be a payment obligation of 30% in case of cancellation or return of the order.Internship is delivered without carrier bags. These can be reordered for 170th. Just order the carrier bags without an internship then cost this 200e (excluding shipping costs).