Monkey money (50) Kado bon, best poison ever!

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Delen Delen

The best present to give! A Flexmonkey voucher is valid for all articles on the website. You make it extra personal by devising your own code! Codes used by other customers are "honey," "pole champion," and "yoga addict." The value of the voucher is 50,00 euro, and a euro shipping and packaging costs.

You get the Monkey debt sent home in the form of a flexible card. You can also surprise someone with this mail and have the card sent to another address! This address is then filled in at "Send address" and your own address is filled in at "Invoice / billing address".

Come on with that creativity and come up with your own code! This code can be filled in at the box'Message to FLEXMONKEY'at the bottom of your shoebox. Until the code is completed, we'll come up with one.