Poledance crash mat 120cm (drop mat 10cm) INCLUDING shipping

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A drop mat is indispensable for safe pole dancing at home. Indispensable for any pole dance studio and aerial studio that have safety first. Also for safe pole dancing at home, a drop mat is indispensable training equipment for pole dancing, pole sports and aerial sports. The mats have a diameter of 1.20m and are divided into four parts. The parts are easy to fold and by the Velcro edge easy to mount the pole. Available in different thicknesses and colours (see further explanation).

The mats are produced with the utmost care and attention per application. Price includes shipping within the Netherlands. For other countries, an additional charge can be calculated during checkout.The mats are of good quality and are neatly finished with Velcro fastening and zippers so that the mat can be opened. The mats are available in different colors.Due to its popularity, a mat has a delivery time of 2 to 3Weeks.In November-December this can be up to 6 weeks due to an increase in orders.Write down your phone number. This is necessary for the delivery service. Once the mat is ready for shipment, the tracking is shared. The mats are transported in a wrapping.BE CAREFUL WITH OPENING and do not cut carelessly with a knife open. This may damage the product. There areNostorage bags included.  

A fall mat does not guarantee that injury can be freely trained. A fall mat reduces the risk but the risk of injury remains, given the nature of the sport. A fall mat reduces the risk of serious damage and can break a trap if used correctly. Indispensable for any pole dance studio and aerial studio that have safety first. Also for home use, when there is no instructor present a mat indispensable training equipment.

4 cm thick of EPS + PVC material (hard foam). This crash mat does not sink under your feet and is suitable for low altitude techniques. For poles above 3m, the 10cm or 15cm is recommended.

10 cm thick of foam and PVC. This mat is suitable for breaking traps.

15cm thick foam is ideal for breaking traps from the more advanced pole tricks.

These mats are custom-made per request (thickness, color, size, way of folding). As a result, money has a payment obligation of 30% in case of cancellation or return of the order.

Flexmonkey is also for studio use. Do you have a studio? Ask about the staffel-discount possibilities via

Featuresfoam: (35 kg / m3) + PVC
This mat is 10cm thick with a diameter of 120cm and consists of four parts.