Why nutritional supplements?

Why nutritional supplements?

What are the main nutritional supplements and what do they do? Here are the simple answers.

Protein shake, BCAA and Creatine. If you've read this blog, you know what it does and why you would use it. The best known supplement is the egg white shake, also called whey or protein. A protein shake is made with protein powder and is a rich source of nutrients. It contains wheat protein and extra glutamine. Because it contains little calories and no fat, it is also used as a sludge shake. XXL Nutrition has even developed its own diet shake'Miss Fitness'to drop out healthy and vital.

Protein shake, what does it do? Protein supports muscle formation after exercise. Using protein shakes will restore your muscle faster and you will see a faster definition. The shakes are not a miracle cure. Besides the protein shakes it is important that your body also extracts protein from your diet, distributed throughout the day. That's why a healthy meal is better than three main meals six times a day. Protein is extracted from (lean) milk, chicken, fish and eggs (and much more...). Sometimes it is not possible to eat 6x a day, it costs too much preparation or you just like a shake easy. A protein shake would replace a meal just fine. Protein shakes are an easy and cost-effective way to get high-quality prote in in, with as little fat as possible. Use: 1 a 2 piled up spoons of skimmed milk (or soy, goat's milk and whatever bizarre types of milk there are nowadays) in a shakebaker immediately after training. Two shakes a day is normal for athletes.

BCAA! Also called amino s, is often used by athletes. What's that? What's that? Branch Chain Amino Acids. These are approximately 35% of muscle tissue. Amino s work together with proteins to build up muscle mass. Also BCAA prevents muscle spasms during, and after intensive training. During a workout your body consumes a lot of energy. This energy is primarily extracted from carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are used up in the body, the BCAA s are addressed. Your body uses it as a reserve battery and can convert it into energy. During intensive training your body asks for these specific amino s so that you can perform better during exercise. Don't you have these reserves? Then your body extracts the energy from the muscle itself. That's what you're trying to prevent.

Why as a supplement? BCAA is not made by your body. You take it out of your diet. The downside is that the amino s are first stored in the liver. Before your body can use them as energy, they must be broken down. The BCAA s from the supplements are taken during the workout and are absorbed directly by the muscle mass and thus help directly during training. BCAA is in powder form and in capsule. Powder form can be dissolved in your drinking cup, which you take during exercise. Capsules are taken before, and after training.

Creatine. This dust is also produced by the body. In addition, the body extracts creatine from meat and fish. Creatine affects muscle output; how much power you can exert with your muscles. With a little Creatine, you can use your muscles on a higher level. You increase your existing muscle strength, which allows you to lift more and so finally that death elevator will work. Your body makes enough creatine to keep your body healthy. If you train hard, extra creatine helps to lift more weight and/or do more repetitions. The result? Your muscle mass is increasing faster. Usage: every morning at breakfast, a teaspoon (5 gram) with fruit juice (100 ml) and an optimal protein intake.







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  • Sabrina Nathalie Bouziane

    Mijn ervaring met whey proteïne is sowieso heel goed, mijn spieren herstellen sneller, ik heb minder pijn na trainingen en ik kan langer door. Ik ben net begonnen met de aminozuren, ik zal het merken na lange tijd. Ik gebruik het zeker niet als vervanging, ik eet er nog heel veel bij. Ik kan in ieder geval veel langer deadliften!

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