Three different answers to the question: What did the "Atleet of the Year" award bring you?

Three different answers to the question: What did the "Atleet of the Year" award bring you?

You can vote for your favorite pole athlete again! Last year, voting simply proceeded according to the principle "who gets the most votes." This year, the Paalsportbond Netherlands has adapted the process and a committee has also been set up in addition to voting. This commision is scrutinizing the role of the athlete within the porridge sport. How did someone commit to the porridge sport last year? What events or charity performances has supported the athlete? It also looks at how the athlete wants to help the porridge sports in the future. In short, a better picture is mapped out why a particular athlete deserves to win the "Atleet of the Year" (AvhJ) award.

Flexmonkey is curious what it does to you to win this award and stepped down on last year's winners. This provided fun interviews full of depth and good tips. Read on quickly to find out what it can bring you to win the AvhJ award.


appel wang first competed at the NK Paalsport before, and thus secured fourth place. But Apple remains modest. She emphasizes that she does not function as an individual. Although she is the studio owner of as many as two studios (Pole Inspiration Dance Studio Rotterdan and The Hague), but she sees it as a team effort. She is very grateful for the beautiful and helpful artists on her team without whom she could not have been so successful.

Joining the NK is not only to win, she is particularly involved in developing herself. “I learned a lot about myself by joining the NK and I’m dancerable for that. Everyone has skills, but can you also show your own style in an act that meets all the rules at the same time? How much are you willing to give up for a good training process? Can you preset under the pressure that prevails during the NK? I look back to the training process that has led to the NK with satisfaction. I've been able to process a piece of personality in my act that puts me behind my preformance.

I want to put down a beautiful creative act. Besides, I always have a next goal in mind and I want to keep improving myself. The NK helps with that."


When asked what winning the "Atleet of the Year" award, she indicates that it does not feel any different. “It means a lot to me, but I don’t stand so quietly and don’t let it affect me. I always look forward, still putting me in this way for every new goal and every competition.Winning the award has become a moment for me when I dwelt on who I am. Everyone has their own uncertainties and I always look up to other athletes.

For example, if I win a match, I always think this is because another one made a mistake or that I was lucky that day. Or I'll think of another reason outside of myself. This award allowed me tocould say to myself, I'm worth it.Others are worth it, but I am. I've worked hard for it, I'm not good yet if I wanted to, but I'm good enough. If I think about it like that, then the award helped me in a piece of self-acceptance.

That is actually what I want to give to the athletes: don’t stare blindly at a nomation.The awardis a lovely appreciation but more importantly, this appreciation comes from within yourself."

Like Apple, also acknowledgesGianMarcothat winning the award contributed to a piece of confidence. “It was the first time I’d joined NK paalsport and I was surprised that so many people already knew me and voted for me. I sometimes work with my body up to 8 hours a day, being very strict to myself, and I’m almost never satisfied. This can work demotivatingly. This award gave me a welcome boost in self-confidence and motivation. That I was chosen from this group of talented people made me believe more than ever in myself and what I do.Even more positivity followed nadI ate the title world camioen Double male picked up together with my duo partner Nick La Gije. This gave not only name recognition for my personal style in dancing and also for male pole dancing in general. I'm grateful for that."

This passionate dancer also has advice for athletes in general.


"Often we focus on what doesn't work and what's not good enough. Try to let go of that and work on your strengths. I'm trying to see what makes me unique and strong as an athlete and develop further into that. And I work very hard. Besides, you should have a little luck, too. But I can say from my own experience that hard work leads to great results. It's only a matter of time!"


In the children's category, Rowanie Wante was last year's lucky winner. This nomination has made her really think about what she's doing for the sport. And that's quite a lot! Rowanie says she started pole racing five years ago when her mother opened the "Wante Sport" gym. To publicize pole sport for children, they gave demos. Pretty much everywhere you could! At markets, fairs, during events and even once during a speech at school. In order to create more familiarity for the pole sport for children, is "Wante sport" also started with lessons in primary schools. A few weeks in a row, children could take free lessons and then another school was visited. This has certainly contributed to the discussion Paalsport for children. Rowanie remembers it being very special when she first started. "But now it has developed into a true sport and is part of it," says Rowanie. About the award she says the following:

"I was very excited that I was nominated. I didn't expect everyone to help us like that. Of course, we have the advantage of being surrounded by a large loving network and everyone has helped us enormously. I am also very grateful for that! As a tip for athletes who want to win the award, I would ask as many people as possible to vote; family, friends and even teachers. Show them what this sport means for you, for example by giving a demo or showing a video of a training session. This way you get even more appreciation and votes and you make the sport even more famous."

Here you can vote for the athlete of the year 2019.

Videos of performances by last year's award winners can be found here:
Thanks to: Leon Hofenk, photographer. Maurice Smeets, photographer.
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