Behind the scenes during the "Fantasy Jaguar" polewear photo shoot with Demi Brama and Zoe Timmermans.

Behind the scenes during the "Fantasy Jaguar" polewear photo shoot with Demi Brama and Zoe Timmermans.

Release your inner beast! Actually, this is something that happened automatically during the shoot. Demi Brama and Zoe Timmermans (known within the Paalsport) wore the outfits and the acrobatic poses followed each other like a whirlwind. This is what happens when Demi and Zoe let go of their inner animosity. Loose hair waving in the wind, great leaps of joy, freedom and release. Exactly what matches the wild Fantasy Jaguar print. Demi and Zoe are each other's friends and rivals, as they both participate in the same polesport competitions. This created a highly creative and motivating atmosphere. Read this blog and watch the video!

Zoe Timmerman's pole-and-field champion of dance, pole-wear, pole-and-dance dress, Flexmonkey.

Both of them made the best of the other, and so they jumped just a little higher, just got a little further into that split and just got a little bit deeper into the hollowback. On the question of whether the ladies had muscle pain the next day they responded mildly'that's not so bad'.

Demi Brama split polesport champion of today's champion polewear of today's training Flexmonkey  Zoe Timmerman's acrobatics split polesport champion of the day champion of pole wear

What didn't fall with it was the fear the photographer endured to capture these epic moments. The photographer had to breathe deeply several times to control his heartbeat. The two models were not afraid and looked for dangerous places. Thus they calmly made a hollowback handstand or duo pose, where a normal person would not even dare stand. On orover The railing of a 30-meter high bridge!

Demi Brama acrobatics hollowback croccodile gymnast polesport champion of today's champion polewear on dance dress Flexmonkey

The shot had something magical. As the sun sets, Demi and Zoe make a heart. The end of the day is also the end of the Flexmonkey Fantasy Jaguar. Check our Insta feed for more photos @Flexmonkey polewear. 

Demi Brama Zoe Timmermans Polesport championships pole dancing Netherlands Dutch poledance polewear pole dancing Flexmonkey

Here you can see the unique video material of the shoot:

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