Where is Aerial Arts Uden located?

Where is Aerial Arts Uden located?

Flexmonkey holds city and country in the holes to places where love for the paalsport is shared. Every time a new studio is opened, the Flexmonkeys dance a joy (pole) dance. This time the interview with new studios will take us to the heart of Uden, near Nijmegen;)

Oprichton Line Francken (on instagram to be found as @linefrancken1983, @aerialartsuden)has graduated from the dance academy in 2014 and has its roots from modern dance and ballet. This world was just a little too competitive, and she wanted something different. " I wanted out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to be in the corner of dance and sport. So I started with pole dancing at Artistic Movements in Nijmegen, which was then called Chalans. Soon, I was asked by the owner Loes (of the Langenberg) to teach in a mix of modern dance and pole dancing. I could easily convert the movements and flow of modern dance to a dance around and into the pole. These lessons I have continued to give, and meanwhile Loes has trained me internally to become a paaldancing instructor. "

When did you think, "I want a studio?"

" I was done with dance academy and was looking for something different. Within the dance world I was in there was little collaboration and much competition. The paaldance world feels so much better in that respect. I came up with what I could do with it, and during that same period, people who gave up teaching in Uden were willing to follow me. After consulting with Loes, I've decided to go for it. At the end of June, the opening and I still growth was still. "

The team of Aerial Arts Uden now consists of 4 instructors. Line itself, paaldance teachers Emmy and Veerle, and Tessa who focuses more on Aerial Hoop lessons. Line strives to share the knowledge of the team and to explain to everyone why a particular technique is taught in a specific way. Line itself continues to develop, and in April she will be training at ElevatED in Hawaii. She is already internally trained as a instructor in the paalsport, she likes to have a beautiful certificate at the wall of this highly trained training institute.

In addition to the skills and the transfer of knowledge, Line finds it important that every student feels that there is attention to that person. Regardless of age or purpose. " Most of them come here to just play sports and see progress. Not perse to participate in the NK. I think it is important to encourage everyone. No matter how fast you go, or slow you go. I love that personal attention. That is why teaching is also given here is small groups. I want to radiate that everyone can pole dance, everyone can learn. It ' s so beautiful to see how shy someone gets in here, and after a few weeks completely radiates like something succeeds. " Her own style is flowy with many fluid movements that have become a second nature through her training modern dance. Inside her studio she also gives in addition to poleclass cheerful, Afrikaans influenced twerk lessons. For the pole dancing she likes to inspire by 'the Dutch queen of movement' Yvonne Schmink, and look for vigour-and bendy backmoves to Dineke Minten. In addition, her list of pole idols is endless! In Uden, the pole dance classes are provisionally given mainly sporty. Line will leave it open or that exotic and modern pole lessons will also come.

Are you gonna come by yourself? Aerial Arts Uden has fun Christmas specials and ... keep up on 21 June 2020 a shownight! From January, they will start preparing and will take you through theFacebookfrom Aerial Arts Uden the event update may follow.


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