How do you prepare a pole-dancing match? The tips and tricks of Ariane van der Vegte and her preparation for the NK pole sport 2018

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How do you prepare a pole-dancing match? The tips and tricks of Ariane van der Vegte and her preparation for the NK pole sport 2018

Are you having second thoughts about signing up for a pole-dancing contest? Afraid of the nerves? The tip of van Ariane van der Vegte,(participant in 2016 & 2017 at theNK pole transport(b) for the NK Artistic Pole, the following year reads: "Just do it! You learn so much, it makes you grow. That makes it a very nice experience!".In her story she gives even more tips on how best to prepare a pole dance match and howmotivating yourself by going on. Read on quickly and be inspired by the commitment and passion to dance with which Ariane gives her life color.

For pole dancers who have difficulty with flow, floor works and making a dance choreography, it is advisable to follow this driven lady on IG or FBYeah. You can already tell by her looks, the slightest movement she makes and in the shortest film pole dancing: she is a born dancer! She breathes dance, is one with dance, and can for hours- days! On the question of whether there's any other fun fact about Ariane other than dancing, she's a little quiet. Um... well, no, I'm a dance."

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"I can't even remember a life without dancing. My mother is Colombian and dancing is in my genes. I also played ballet as a little girl and I started belly dancing early. I was a fan of Shakira and wanted to look like her!" As an interviewer sitting across from her, I see the agreement with this pop star and I can well imagine Ariane letting go of the she-wolf as soon as she dances or gets on stage.

"Some people can put things into words very well, others can sing very nicely. I have that thing about dancing. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a dancer, and all the steps after that have also gone in that direction. That's why, in addition to my high school program, I also attended pre-school education for the Dance Academy. Besides, I danced all kinds of dances at a Groningen dance school. That's where I learned the basics of pole dancing. I also used to do Christmas carols and stuff like that. And I was in my 14th and 15th with the "Art Gang" in the dance category, which made me winners from the north. After training Dans Executive and Dans Docent (four years of HBO-trajectory), I went further into pole dancing and ended up in Amsterdam where I actually started teaching straight away."

Easter dances Ariane van der Vegte pole dancing, pole fitness, polewear pole competition

How did you come to do pole dances? During a pole-dancing demonstration Hanka (Venselar) saw me and asked if I had ever thought about participating in games. So I really hadn't thought about it because I didn't think I was good enough for that for a long time. Other people also told me that they were impressed with my performances and then I thought, "Why not?" and signed up for the NK (2016)."

Competition history field:

  • Dutch Championships Paaldansen (2016 3e place, 2017 3e place)
  • Pole Art Greece (2016, 1st place)
  • Pole Theatre Poland (2017, 1st place)
  • Pole Theatre Germany (2017)


"I want to win. I like to be rewarded for my hard work. If I don't win, I can find that frustrating. Especially if I don't think I'm falling for the person who ended up above me. But I grow in acceptance. Thus, without winning Pole Theatre Germany, I was still satisfied because I received very nice feedback from the jury and had very high points. And the act of the winner was really good too. That makes it easier."

How would you describe your preparation for a game?"As real dancers, I pay close attention to lines. I look and feel if a move fits me. By that I mean that I feel good whether I am sure of the movement and whether the lines are in my body well. I enjoy symmetrical shapes and I like 180-degree splits. Then there's the music. I really need to feel that, too. There's a theme to that and it becomes a puzzle that slowly closes. I'll fill out the open pieces later or with Hanka, who coaches me. What fits the music, the lyrics, and what fits together nicely? Often I have too much and want to show too much. Then I'll delete it afterwards. Two months before the game at the latest, I want the piece finished. I want to train so that the piece goes into my body and I get muscle memory. Only then can I rest in my head and grow in it. The little things like a look, a look or a handshake, I can work out in detail. During my lessons I often integrate an element that I find difficult as an exercise to my students, so that I train myself extra in it. I also stop drinking alcohol two months in advance."

How do you deal with the nerves?"Oh nerves. On the day I hardly eat, I have to go 1000x to the toilet, I wash 100x my hands and I keep lubricating with dryhands. I get very quiet and I wonder why I'm doing this to myself. I turn myself to God and pray. That way, I have faith that I'm not alone in this, and that gives me peace. Once on the internship, that's a whole different thing! I have so much adrenaline, I'm AAN. After the performance, the discharge follows and I have energy for ten. I'd do the routine like that again! While I'm just broken up after 1x in training."

How do I prepare for the day itself?I'm forcing myself to eat anyway. Nuts, banana, pasta salad and no dairy products. Everything in small bites so that I can still get something nutritious in. On the day itself I also prefer a general rehearsal so that I can explore the poles. Also, my performance is often the best after I've done it twice. I'll be more relaxed. So I like to practice on the day itself."

Ariane van der Vegte pole dancing, pole fitness, pole-dancing matches polewear pole competition

Ariane's tips:

  • Just keep going!
  • Film yourself in training.
  • Train so often it becomes muscle memories.
  • Watch your lines. Does a move fit your body?
  • Ask for feedback from the jury and use this to grow further.

"A learning point for myself isI have a tendency to do everything quickly that makes me sloppy. If I calm down, my performance will be more beautiful and better finished."

What you wouldn't expect from that she really didn't like going out in the old days." I was very insecure, and I stood too close to what others would think of me. The pole dancing has given me so much more confidence, from the inside, that I now go into the city with a shirt and think, "Fuck it, I know where I stand and what I can do."

She also feels like apole-baby"Compared to her idols Lisette Krol, Hanka Vensalaar, Yvonne Schmink, Bendy Kate, Sergia Louis Anderson (...and the list goes on & by:). Although the term "pole-teenager" would be better suited to her level. In any case, she likes being a student and developing in pole sports. There is so much to learn!"

You're giving her extra thumbs up in her training process on the way to the NK pole sport Artistic Pole 2018? Then follow her. Instagram!


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  • Fiona

    Ariane is niet alleen een goede lerares maar ook een liefie en een goede motivator. Als ik me ergens onzeker over voel weet ze mij altijd gerust te stellen en op te vrolijken.

  • Ariane

    @sabrina: dankjewel!! Super fijn om te lezen :) heel veel succes en vooral plezier met het maken van een act! You can do it!

  • Tia mstis

    Feliz cumpleaños te quiero mucho

  • Mama

    Jij bent de beste

  • Sabrina

    Want een mooi stuk, prachtig verwoord. Ik ben zelf bezig met trainen weer voor wedstrijden, je geeft veel motivatie op deze manier.
    Een ontzettend groot voorbeeld voor nu.

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