Special Sports - Hope Dance

Special Sports - Hope Dance

Flexmonkey's queste of particular sports has expanded this summer....

The second sport in this series has become Hoop Dance:

photo of Simona Ula.

This summer, Flexmonkey was present at the Surfana Festivalon the Holland coast. This festival is not only made up of great performances by various artists, but includes cattle lake. Like at the Flexmonkey events you can also stay here on the site with a campsite with all the conveniences :)

Here it's all about festivals in a new jacket: Relax enjoying gigs, not chasing the masses, but enjoying the fantastic environment and enjoying nice surfer vibes.

Thus they not only make the festival and crew members aware of our green planet with all sorts of recycle options, but also the visitors open eyes in many ways towards the Zero Waste Concept. Whole in the style of our Flexmonkey-gebeurtenissen, where we pursue the same concept.

In addition, dozens of clinics are offered over the various days. From beginners surfing classes, to yoga, to learning to make candles, to play percussion and so on. Diversity enough.

Our eye had fallen on the clinic ofSimone Ula, Hoop Dancing. And what a cool sport is that!!! Thanks to Simone's super instructions, we were also eventually able to perfect some moves. Not quite as smooth as Simone does it eyes, but we got close. With similar moves also used in the porridge sport, it was nice to notice that the abdominal muscles were also put to work here ;). Also, use is made of limber and smoothness to make the Hope Dance look as flowy as possible.

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