Will the neighbors ever go to see pole dancing as a sport?

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Will the neighbors ever go to see pole dancing as a sport?

" My aunt is doing paaldancing. Just pole dancing, as a sport. " How wonderfully these words sound? There will have to be a fight before paaldancing is widely accepted as 'fitgirl activity'. But the trailer for the documentary Milestone shows that on the street, the views are already divided. Passers-by give different answers to the question of what they think of when they speak 'pole dancing', Lisa de Bye, documentairemaker, remarked. There are clear counterparts of the well-known labels 'strip club' and 'entertainment' in attendance, namely 'a sport your auntie does' and 'fitness'. Lisa investigates for her documentary MilestoneWhat exactly the paalsport content. For this she follows Demi Brama, the 17-year-old air acrobat and multiple paalsport winnares, on his way to the NK paalsport 2020. The trailer can be seen at the bottom of this blog.

A little bit of background information. You can't just be an official sport. For this you have to meet all kinds of requirements,as a systematic review or juering system, investigate anti-drug and at least 40 recognized nationwide federations committed to the sport. A federation, in turn, should be recognized by the highest nationwide sports tournament, before the global organizationGlobal Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) will be focusing on the recognition of the sport. In the case of pole dancing, the Observer sport-aspirant status was declared in 2017. With this status, the paaldans federation was able to apply for recognition as an official sport per country. Meanwhile, two years passed and the Observer status has been extended. The International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) is working hard to meet all the requirements. But there are also examples of sports that have been declared as official sport while they did not meet all the criteria, such as surfing and skateboarding. So 2020 Olympics? Everything is still possible!

    Demi Brama NK Polesport 2019 winnares gold

    The Netherlands also has a bit to do to get the paalsport on the Olympic Games. For example, in 2017, the Dutch Paalsport Bond was established and the championships meet all the conditions of an official sport determined by the GAISF. They are supported by the IPSF, which federation has been committed since 2006 to provide the altets with the opportunity for an Olympic experience. Whether pole dancing will also be recognised in public opinion as a sport is still the question. Many people miss out on this inside information aboutIt's exactly content, paaldancing as a sport. And that ' s exactly what the documentary Milestone offers the viewer; a look into the world of paalsport.

    " This sport is often associated with an erotic setting. That is why I want to make this documentary; to paint a clear picture of this stained, beautiful sport. I want to make this documentary with Demi Brama, as she, too, wants to show what exactly the paalsport content. She tells of her experiences, the sounds from her surroundings, the many training, her ambassadorial side, the erotic side of pole dancing and the preparation for the NK paalsport 2020. Demi not only gives a unique peek into her life as a sportsman, but also shows off the world of paalsport. "

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