The 10 best tips for a pole dance photo shoot

The 10 best tips for a pole dance photo shoot

Would you also like to experience such a pole dance shoot, resulting in epic photos such as the cover photo? Then read on quickly! In addition to the 10 tips, this blog also reveals where you can do a 'powder' shoot. Flexmonkey has gained quite a bit of experience in recent years when it comes to photo shoots. A suitable photo shoot is required for each new collection of pole dance clothing. New pictures are also needed for a challenge and social media. And every creative idea keeps the photographer and models learning something new. This has resulted in a nice overview with tips. And these the monkeys love to share;)

Flexmonkey's 10 Best Tips for a Pole Dance Photo Shoot.

Tip 1: Put the pole on spinning and let someone turn around. That way you don't have to take into account how you bet. You can just go into the move as usual. Once you hang, you can let the other person turn around until the angle to the camera is correct. This way you avoid having to redo a photo 100x because you just don't hang well in front of it. Make sure the person who spins knows how you want the move photographed. With your back or your stomach facing the camera makes quite a difference. That is why it is useful if your plus one also has pole dancing experience.

Tip 2: Pay attention to folded or shifted clothing. Nothing is more annoying if you have performed the move perfectly, but the photo cannot be used because your shorts curl up or there is a nipple slip.

Tip 3: Do not slip on your wrist or wear tight clothing beforehand. You want to see as few lines or welts in your skin as possible. And quickly throwing your hair loose and putting the rubber band around your wrist not thoughtfully is very tempting. It wouldn't be the first time that that rubber band was then forgotten and ruined the photo.

Tip 4: Use a colorless grip. If you are already using grip products, make sure it is not visible on your body. Unless you think white spots are a desirable effect;)

Tip 5: Make sure your feet are clean. Flexmonkey found out after a shoot resulted in beautiful photos, only the soles of the feet were very dirty. Then it suddenly becomes a chore to photoshop all feet clean again. Better just pay attention during the shoot and wipe your soles clean in between.

Tip 6: Warm up well. Even if you have no motivation for that. It saves injuries. A photoshoot is extremely intensive. You do a pose several times, hold it longer and go out of your way. Your body deserves to prepare well by means of an appropriate warming up.

Tip 7: Bring warm clothes and slippers so that you don't cool down too much between poses.

Tip 8: Take care of your (toe) nails. An eye for detail and your nails can be distracting if they are unkempt.

Tip 9: Make an ideas list with must-do moves in advance. Instagram and Pinterest are ideal media for creating lists. Do this again for each shoot so that you can adjust exactly to those circumstances. Make a list as if it were a mood board and also put a top 10 on paper.

Tip 10: Eat light and nutritious and sleep well beforehand. You will need your energy badly.

A photo shoot is an ideal outlet for your creativity. You can of course opt for a cool location and special clothing. And what about hair and make-up or make-up? Of course you can also combine that! Flexmonkey will soon be present at a very special photo shoot. A 'powder' pole dance shoot. A what? A powder shoot! By combining movement with loose powder you get the thickest effects. Hostess Demi Brama, owner of studio Acrobatic Dreams in Huizen, works together with photographer Johan van Dreven.The result is the beautiful photos used in this blog.Do you also want such beautiful photos? You can still be there!On 17 to 19 October, the studio will be transformed once again by powder cannon and you too can throw your hair back with a sensational powder trail in the air. You can give up for the last spots here.

Demi's tip: take many different outfits with you so that you can see what looks best on the spot. And put these outfits in a ziplock bag, so that not everything is covered in powder. Another thing she avoids is bright nail polish, as it distracts too much from the pose.

10 tips for a pole dance photo shoot by flexmonkey polewear and Demi Brama with a photo of Johan van Dreven

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